What makes Cannabis Medicine? / by Alex Schreer

Vapure, my final second year project is a medical CBD isolator. What is that you may ask? Well it is a vaporization unit that is small enough to fit in your pocket, but packs all the necessary punch to extract the cannabidiol compounds from cannabis.

Traditional THC vaporizes at a temperature of 157 degrees Celsius, where as the CBD compound vaporizes around 188 degrees Celsius. Therefore by preheating the cannabis oil to the first temperature, and then purging the vapor chamber you can do away with the effect of the mind altering THC, and then proced to inhale only the CBD vapor. Meaning a clean medical dose every time without the effect of getting high.  

In order to truly understand the medical benefits of cannabis you must know about these cannabidiol compounds, as they are what has the great effects on diseases and conditions. So I have created a brief infographic that covers the different cannabidiol compounds found in cannibis and the effects they can have on patients medically. Along with some other necessary information in regards to medical cannabis within the United States of America. 

CBD Infographic

Head over the Vapure page to see the rest of my design process and how I executed a streamlined aesthetic vaporizer.