Summer has arrived, but who has time for that... / by Alex Schreer

Summer is in full swing now, and it couldn't have come sooner. I have been working hard the past school year and am ready to get back out into the world for some well earned R&R. 

Amazingly I ended my year with another nomination for ASU Design Excellence, so I will get to see If I can have my work published for the Vapure Medical Vaporizer. I couldn't be happier to have my hard work recognized. 

I will be trying my best this summer to keep my blog up to date with what I am working on / doing. With big plans for the Nestl chair and vintage custom record players all running parallel  with a possible trip up the coast to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. there will be no shortage of content for the blog. 

Thank you for all your support and hope you enjoy following me on my stupid, crazy journey that is my life and passion in the world of DESIGN.