A Day at the Concours / by Alex Schreer

This past Saturday's adventure would make any automotive enthusiast giddy. The Fountain Hills Concours is an annual event held on behalf of the Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club. Bringing together 200+ cars, accounting for everything from the new Porsche 918 Hybrid through to early 1920's cruisers. As always I had one of my most valued possessions with me, my Canon 5d mark II. Its about time I stop talking and just let the photos do the talking, the 64 acre Fountain Hills Park was filled with motorcar masterpieces. 

Named after Ferrari's famed owner, the Enzo at its time of release was the pinnacle of composite design. Predecessor to the F50 & F40 of the 90's, it too featured a carbon composite monocoque chassis. Backed by the roaring V12 this car carried with it a heavy presence.  

Amongst the rare Ferrari's and Exotics, sat this little tiny Mazda Rebo. To me a seasoned enthusiast this car brought me more enjoyment to see then its fellow show goers as it was the first and possibly the last time I will ever see one in the wild. 

Bob Bonduran'ts Ford GT40 made an appearance, I caught it as it was rolling towards the exit. The race cam was loping, exhaust gases sporadically blaring out the twin pipes in the rear. The clutch seemed to offer plenty of challenge on the grassy surface, as it sat in a traffic jam of automotive history. 

It was an enjoyable break away from the studio, a time to look back on design styles of the previous decades. After all when you get out and admire the world around you, your designs will be rewarded with inspiration.