Taser Pulse Launch Photography (Gizmodo Feature) / by Alex Schreer

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with a fellow colleague on shooting the commercial photography for a product launch. The client is Scottsdale based Taser International, that right those things cops use to subdue those criminals who resist. Recently Taser has decided to revamp their consumer side of products, starting with the creation of an entirely new product for the consumer personal defense market. The "Pulse" is the brainchild of their work, and I was given the opportunity to create the images that would be used during the launch and coming months. Shot in both the studio and on location we were able to create images that not only conveyed the product, but also showed it in a contextual setting. 

I was surprised to see my work show up on Gizmodo, a tech blog giant a few weeks after the photos were completed. It is nice to see your work out there in the world getting seen by thousands, however it is the internet so if you are looking for a good laugh go ahead and read through some of the comments as the trolls rolled out in full force. My personal favorite is one by user T_Beermonster

"In the publicity images we see a dark figure minding their own business in a car park as a blonde white woman creeps up on him brandishing her apparent firearm."

By the way that suspicious guy standing between the poor woman and her car is yours truly, sometimes when your on location you have to improvise and you end up stepping in front of the camera to get the perfect shot. It was a pleasure to work on this project and get to lead some of the creative process, and I look forward to what the coming months have as we will begin to expand our creative idea into other forms of marketing assets for the Taser Brand.