M E X I C O / by Alex Schreer

Wednesday, I took a trip with my father across the border, we have had a small house down in the town of Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point. Its a small fishing town in the arm pit of the Gulf of California, its grown recently in the past 10 years from the small place we fell in love with. We were making a trip to prepare for the future sale of our house, and I figured I'd bring the camera along to document the journey even if just for the day. 

More and more each day I think about daily vloging more, the influence of Casey Neistat and others is getting heavier on my drive to be creative in these times. I will be committing to more creative projects on the daily if this become a reality. It will take time for me to learn how to capture what I need each day, this trip I fell short of what I wanted to capture, finding the balance between completing your daily tasks along with documenting them is something I need to practice. For the time being enjoy the short story of two men traveling across the border, where the beer is cheap and the air is filled with salt.