Seeing in the Dark / by Alex Schreer

This past week, I have been helping a graphic designer friend, turn her senior year team logo into something unique to stand out amongst others.

Her teams name is Night Vision and she came to me for help making her idea into a reality. We wanted to make a portion of her logo glow, using RGB LED's, allowing us to change the color on the fly with a small remote. 

A brainstorm session was required, so we ended up at a local bar for happy hour, our laptops in tow, the hour was spent rough sketching and shopping the vast quality of LED options on Amazon. We eventually settled on a kit that would provide us with what we needed along with fitting within our size requirements, after all this is a hanging sign. 

Fast-forward to a quick caliper measurement session and then jumping straight into solidworks. The plan was to laser cut plywood with a series of cavities to accept the internal electronics and lights, then laminate them together with chip board covering bother exterior sides. From that point a print out of the logo with "o" cut out would be taped over allowing the lighting element to shine through giving us the desired illumination effect. Easy enough, should be a quick project right. 


Nothing ever goes to plan and needless to say, we stayed at studio until about 10:30 at night, but it brought back some good memories of the late night I used to spend in the same building. I think we were both really pleased with the results, especially when the lights dropped.