Behind the Scenes: Aventon Bike Shoot / by Alex Schreer

My good friend and more times then not partner in creative ventures Reid Price has wanted to shoot a short film about his custom built Aventon fixed gear. So this past Sunday night around 9pm decided "F*ck it" lets go shoot. We had been scouting a few locations over the past couple months and brainstorming how we wanted to do it, so with those places in mind we loaded up the car with bags full of equipment and headed out. 

The clocks hour hand had just ticked over the 10 o'clock mark when we arrived on location. There was no one out, a perfectly deserted space. The Tempe Center for the Arts would be hosting us for the next few hours, its architecture is a perfect example of modernism, with extensive use of concrete and cool lighting. 


We unpack the equipment and decided to set up inside the open cavity of the back entrance, we were encapsulated in concrete walls with plenty of glass to reflect the LED panels we were about to try out. The bike was placed in the center of the space, standing upright thanks to a simple Pepsi can I scavenged. The two light panels were placed on either side of the bike to create a dramatic contrast between darkness and highlights. Reid setup his Sony A7s which over the past few months has been rigged out for film. I would be assisting with filming and helping to support the slider shots, light movement, as well as shooting behind the scenes on the trusty Canon 5D mark II. 

We setup shot and shot, and were getting some amazing results, Reid's new LED panels were coming in clutch and we super easy to get the results we desired. We eventually wrapped up shooting at this location and opted to head out for the next. Checking our watches we realized that it was now 1 AM. We indecisively decided to call it a night and shoot the remainder of the video another night. The greatest lesson learned, is that when you lose track of time, you know your passionate about what your doing.