Weekend Warriors / by Alex Schreer

When the weekdays are dedicated to program projects, its hard to find time to work on some small pet projects. Most days after coming home you are so mentally drained that all you want is a beer, some youtube time, and sleep. This past weekend however we made some time for a little pet project. It wasn't my personal project, however I was recruited to help since we would be shooting some photos. 

The "Fourager Journal" will be 72andSunny's go to publication for survival technique using the snacks provided at the office. The plan is to bring a little bit of joy and make people get creative the next time they leave their work to grab a snack. 

Saturday was spent setting up a makeshift studio in the kitchen, creatively composing unique snacks and capturing their true beauty for their big release Today. 

Pictured above is fellow 72U participant Maria Piessis

She does some amazing content and gifs, you should definitely checkout here website below.