Your Desires Will be Fullfilled. / by Alex Schreer

The 11th Week has finally come! We have spent the past few months brainstorming, concepting, building, and creating our visions across five projects. Today we reached a major mile stone, our very first press day prior to the public opening of our downtown LA art gallery show “Desired”. Centered around the Avocado and how culturally it has grown well beyond its traditional size into an icon of a certain lifestyle. The space features a handful of artistic pieces created by the 72U members, meant to instill question and a new perspective on its viewers. The addition of a pop up shop featuring the Cado Brand, another creation of the 72U team. Cado allows gallery visitors to purchase the coveted fruit by the pound in their high end gallery store complete with a ritualistic packaging of the avocado. 


The gallery space will be open tomorrow August 25th through the 28th betweens the hours of 12pm - 8pm. If you are in the LA area we recommend coming to see the work and purchase an avocado as the money spent goes to a local non profit. Saturday evening there will be a open gallery event in the evening from 7pm - 10pm, you are welcome to join us for food, drinks, and art, just make sure to RSVP below. 

927 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90021 

(look for the door marked “Desired”)

RSVP here: (

Its been an amazing experience up to this point, and seeing how the team has grown closer by the day has me feeling a hint of sadness that it is almost over and we will all soon leaving to our next creative journey. I know however that the friendships we have now are bonded and will remain regardless of were we are in the world. 

- Alex