Finding your Locus / by Alex Schreer

I've spent the past 3 months living and working in LA, as part of 72andSunny's 72U creative residency. During my time there working with my amazing team of 7 people we completed 5 projects, the most of any session. Our last week was spent putting together a series of case study videos, as well as some tearful eyes, knowing this coming week we would not assemble at the office to create more amazing work. 

The project above "Locu" was our wearable technology that we developed, designed, and produced in 72U. The project was centered around finding your optimum space for being creative and free thought. A play on the greek word "Locus" meaning a particular position, point, or place.

Watch it and enjoy, I will be creating a more in depth page in my portfolio for this project, and will also be posting the other case study videos soon... 

The past few months have been such an amazing experience and I have learned and taught so many things, I look forward to seeing where all my close friends go following our collaboration in LA.