Getting Girls to Talk Through Code / by Alex Schreer

The second installment of projects completed during my time at 72U is "Vizzy", our solution to give girls a voice, while inspiring them to create with code. The team was given a short brief prompting us on our projected, shortly after we were introduced to the G.A.L.A. STEM school (Girls Academic Leadership Academy) in Los Angeles, CA. We would be concepting, designing, and making a piece of inspirational tech for their new school. With only a few weeks until their opening, we set out to answer the question how do you give each individual student a voice amongst their peers. 

Our solution is a daily data visualization kiosk, intended to be place in public space at the school. Using a program designed and coded by 72U, the kiosk presents a daily question for student to answer on a 1 through 5 emoji scale. The approachability of this kiosk allows for anyone from students, faculty, and parents to participate. At the end of each day the visualization is saved and sent to a online hosting service, allowing the school to run a daily blog of their questions if they so choose. We wanted to empower the faculty at this school to be able to ask some tough questions and get genuine feedback, creating a more symbiotic relationship between teacher and student. 

Vizzy is a platform for conversation, and the best part is we made it open source, so that not can our design have positive effect on G.A.L.A., but a variety of other institutions as well. Please visit the link below to learn more about the open source, you can download the program as well as plans to cut out the kiosk.