Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it
— Salvador Dali

The Nest Chair No. 1 embodies more then just a modern design appeal. Rather it looks to inspire deeper thought within the furniture community, what can be used when making furniture, can materials thought to be inferior be used in the manufacturing of new pieces. Up-cycling focuses on breathing new life into materials that are considered to have little to no use after their original life span. I gather my inspiration from Italian based designer, Jens Praet, who gained recognition for is one day of paper side table. I have developed a chair constructed solely of discarded paper shreds and clear resin. 

I want to invoke an emotion with my chairs, they all have their own personality and style. Every cast creates a unique texture and pattern of the paper, for instance the addition of brightly color sheets of paper adds in a new dimensionality, within the hyper clear resin. 

1/5th Scale Model 

The Art of Mold Making

The Casting Process  

The Result